To contact me
For enquiries about "On-site", or "Off-site" Feng Shui consultations in Brisbane,
Please note that I travel now only to Brisbane city and Northern suburbs.
PHONE 0412717137.

If unanswered, please leave a message, and I will soon get back to you.
I stock Feng Shui gift lines and cures, and you may contact me for advice on the implementation of intuitive Feng Shui in your house or business.

Off-Site Feng Shui Consultation

This consultation does not include a visit to your home or business from me.

To complete an off-site consultation all you need to do is contact me either by phone or by clicking on the link at the top of the page to bring up a contact form.  I will then organize a time where I can call you to discuss the issues in your life that you would like to change.


After I have seen the information, a floor plan and photos you supply to me I can then complete an off-site Feng Shui Consultation.
 I will prepare for you a comprehensive, individually designed, written report of up to 90 pages incorporating the bagwa map for your home or unit, garden and health.  There will also be information on the five elements, Chinese and numerology of your house or unit number, Chinese astrology for each person living with you, Flying Star School and much more.
The report is focused on improving your prosperity and therefore, all reports are individually written.

Information in the report will feature issues dealing with:-

Included in this consultation will be 60 days unlimited telephone and email support.

I will need you supply
Floor plan of your home to scale
The direction your front door faces
Date of birth of all occupants
Photo’s of exterior and interior of your home.

You need to allow up to 7 days for your written report after my on site visit.

Price = $395.00
Annual Update - $99