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For enquiries about "On-site", or "Off-site" Feng Shui consultations in Brisbane,
Please note that I travel now only to Brisbane city and Northern suburbs.
PHONE 0412717137.

If unanswered, please leave a message, and I will soon get back to you.
I stock Feng Shui gift lines and cures, and you may contact me for advice on the implementation of intuitive Feng Shui in your house or business.

About Jeanette, Feng Shui Practitioner

I am an Australian, with some Chinese ancestry, and I have always had a fascination with the cultural heritage of the Chinese going back for over 5000 years. I started reading about and studying the art of Feng Shui about 15 years ago, when I lived Rockhampton, in Central Queensland.

After my first marriage fell apart, I moved away from my family and rented an apartment on the Sunshine Coast, with the address "unit 12/77", which in numerology, added up to 8. A river flowed towards my unit at the front.
The philosophy of Feng Shui teaches that this is a good indicator that money and prosperity will flow into a dwelling.
The first things guests could see when coming through the front door were the kitchen and stove, and Feng Shui teaches that this has several negative effects, particularly with visitors, so I hung a wind chime between my stove and front door to cancel this negative energy.
I also implemented lots of other Feng Shui cures after studying and researching from all materials written by Terah Kathryn Collins. I felt I connected very closely with her teachings, much more so than with other Fengshui teachers who I have studied.

After I started changing things in my home and my attitudes to life, "Lady Luck" knocked on my door with a windfall, which helped me change my life completely. Up to then, I had been working many long hours in retail, with little reward.

I next moved back home to Rockhampton, and was reunited with my children. I left my job, where I had received lots of training in management and had attended self motivation seminars that gave me the confidence to become and small business owner. I formed my own company, which I called "Salubrious Investments". ["Salubrious adj. 1 health-giving; healthy. 2 ( of surroundings etc.) pleasant; agreeable." (Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary).]

I purchased two hair salons, both in large Rockhampton shopping centres.

I am very lucky, because at the age of 38, I met and married my soul mate.
After John and I married, I sold the shops, and we moved to Brisbane to start our life together.
For the first 6 months we looked at many businesses to buy around the Brisbane area, but we couldnít find anything that I felt comfortable with.
As I had owned and operated hair salons in Rockhampton, I started looking at buying a salon here in Brisbane. I looked for 4 months with no luck as every salon seem to be the same and I wanted to create a salon so unique, and to be able to incorporate my passion for Feng Shui, and the spiritual.
Eventually I opened a brand new salon called “The Zodiac Hair Salon.” in the Northern Brisbane suburb of Aspley.
In my new business I wanted to deliver an experience that my clients would not find anywhere else. I incorporated my passion as a Feng Shui practitioner, and offered my clients a place with very calming energies to relax and talk, while having their grooming needs met.

After 3 years of owning the salon, I sold the hairdressing part of the business and moved my Feng Shui retail business to my home office, and converted our garage into a gift shop for my Feng Shui clients to visit and purchase products and cures for there homes. My personal touch with my clients is important to me as a practitioner. I am able to direct people where to place cures in the right place in their home. One of the things I have found with a lot of "new age" shops that sell Feng Shui products, is they donít have the knowledge to help people about the product they are buying and where to place them in their home for the most positive effects to help change their life.

I have a great range of angel giftware and Feng Shui product cures to place in your home to help bring in positive chi energy and to increase your prosperity.
I pride my business on delivering positive advice on how clients can change situations in their lives, using the principles of Feng Shui.
I now devote my time to delivering Feng Shui Consultations for people in their homes, and for business people on their business premises. Some of the business consultations I have completed have been beauty salons, carpet cleaning business, real estate offices, hotels, motels, home business and other types of retails shops.

When doing Feng Shui consultations on clients' homes or businesses, I have the ability to be able to read the story of my clients life by the way they have set up their home or business and the placement of their furniture. Through this ability I can help my clients bring positive change of their lives. I spend about 3 hours or more going from room to room and explaining about how to increase the flow of chi energy and to reduce any negative effects.
I use lots and physic intuition to make sure that my clients are receiving the right information for creating a better energy flow and advice to improve their lives.

To sum up; As a Feng Shui practitioner, I fulfil my need to help people to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.