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PHONE 0412717137.

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I stock Feng Shui gift lines and cures, and you may contact me for advice on the implementation of intuitive Feng Shui in your house or business.

Dear Jeanette
I would like to express in writing mine and Tania gratitude for your wonderful Feng Shui consultation, as you know i was reluctant to have another consultation as the last one we had cost us nearly 800 dollars and we ended up with a 3 page report and very little consultation, what a delight it was then to be consulted by you, you are with out doubt a consummate professional, not only did you lovingly arrange our house to get the most of our feng shui, you did it with such passion that left us both in awe of your talent, every area of our life that you have touched has improved markedly, our health, finances, direction and yes even our passion in the bedroom has been given a face lift !

Your very real and personal consultation has continued much to my amazement after you had finished your consultation, to be able to pick up the phone and have your wisdom on hand goes way past any service you have already been paid for, so I hope in some way that these words will adequately express how much your services has meant to Tania and I.

It would be remiss of me not to add that should you ever desire to use this letter as a testimonial, it would to put it simply, be our pleasure, and indeed I would be happy for any future client of yours to ring me to get a personal testimonial.

Sincerely yours
Vince & Tania Crowley
ph: (Australia) 07 47751362

Dear Jeanette,
We have worked hard to put your advice into practice and the changes have already made such an amazing difference to our lives.

Above all the house and the occupants - my family - seem calmer as a general rule and there seems to be less strife!
Also I have the feeling over about this last month suddenly the money that was flying out through our big wealth drain is hanging around a little longer - maybe even beginning to accumulate for longer periods of time which feels less stressful in itself.
around work, this has stabilised for the time being but there are more changes on the horizon

I feel - other doors will open! Additionally, I spotted that we have always had a missing corner in our bedroom.
What with everything else we have done he certainly seems very busy!

- All the very best and
Thank you Jeanette
Colin & Kay