To contact me
For enquiries about "On-site", or "Off-site" Feng Shui consultations in Brisbane,
Please note that I travel now only to Brisbane city and Northern suburbs.
PHONE 0412717137.

If unanswered, please leave a message, and I will soon get back to you.
I stock Feng Shui gift lines and cures, and you may contact me for advice on the implementation of intuitive Feng Shui in your house or business.


The traditional practice of Feng Shui is an art much more than a science, please avoid the misuse of Feng Shui. When you experience personal, business, or other problems, please consult the relevant professionals for qualified advice.
Jeanette's Feng Shui advice is based on a Western interpretation of the traditional Chinese Feng Shui. The decision on whether or not to follow Jeanette's advice on the implementation of Feng Shui principles is entirely up to the individual client.
Because of the wide variation of possible results when a client follows her advice, Jeanette can give no guarantee as to the degree of change, if any, in a client's personal or business life after implementing her recommendations, either verbal or written.
Follow-up advice may be freely given, at the discretion of Jeanette, and is not to be expected as being included in the original cost of this consultation.