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“Bagwa”, or “Ba Gua” Map

One of the tools used in Feng Shui, the Bagwa map is used to quickly determine where the different Feng Shui sectors are in relation to your front entrance. This applies to rooms, with the “Front Entrance” being the doorway to the room, ( or the main doorway if there is more than a single door from outside ).
The sum of three sectors in line or on diagonal will equal 15.

Bagwa Map


The doorway could be in either of the three sectors on this side, hence this is sometimes referred to as the “Three Gate Bagua”.
According to Feng Shui Principles, your home is divided into 9 sectors.
The Bagua map above gives you a guide as to where each of the health sectors is, and which parts of the body they relate to.
The Bagua map can also be used in each room. Stand at the doorway of the room, with the entrance arrow pointing into the room.