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The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. The ideal place for the master bedroom is at the back of the house, but unfortunately this not always possible.
Reasons why it is not good to have the master bedroom at the front of your home are:-
It can cause interrupted sleep patterns for the couple sleeping in the master bedroom.
Causes quarrels and disharmony between the couple.
The master bedroom can absorb the negative ChíI energy from car lights street lights, power poles and other poison arrows from the environment surrounding the front of your home.

With Feng Shui we have cures to overcome the problem of the master bedroom being at the front of your home.


We have all experienced relationships losing that zing and intrigue they have at the start. Some couples donít even recognize that their relationship has entered a stagnant period, when life has become so hectic with trying to live up to the expectations of todayís society, they forget the relationship needs constant attention.
My philosophy is that maintaining relationships will be the hardest job we commit to, and we need to work on our relationships everyday. There is so much advice available to help repair any type of troubled relationship, but first there is a need to recognize when your relationship is in trouble.

Through the principles of Feng Shui, I will endeavour to assess your bedroom and home and seek to change the negative/stagnant energies in your bedroom to passionate and harmonious energies. Having changed these energies, you will want to spend more time in the bedroom meeting on a physical and emotional level.

Your “Love, Marriage And Relationship Sector” is the far, right-hand corner of the home viewed from the front entrance. I find that if this sector is cluttered with old stuff and dead things, the woman of the house is likely to be lacking in happiness and in satisfaction with the relationship to her life partner. Further, the shortage of “Ying” (female) energy might influence the woman of the house to become more masculine.

When entering the master bedroom after an argument:

Stand at the entrance of the bedroom and assess how you feel. When you enter the room, do you feel comfortable? If you donít, then the room needs cleansing.

To cleanse the room you need to open all the windows and the door, to let the positive energies flow in and to get rid of energies from the people who have agued in this room. Play meditation music, light some sandalwood incense and take a smudge stick and walk around the whole room to cleanse the room of negative ChíI energy, and donít forget to smudge the mattress. When you have completed your smudging always put the smudge stick out by rubbing it in some sand.
After you have finished smudging place some rock salt in each corner of the room to absorb any negative energy entering the room. The salt needs to be replaced once a month with new salt.

As I have said before, everything in this room should be in pairs. Have a bedside table on each side of the bed and evenly spaced from the bed, because if one bedside table is closer than the other, that person will dominate the relationship. You need to place prints of lovers and flowers to help enhance the love and understanding in your relationship. It is important to have green plants or silk flowers to harmonies the energies of the master bedroom.

This is only some of the advice I can give you to improve and increase the romance in your life. Other things I can advise you about are, where to place your bed and the type of bedhead you have, and how to decorate your bedroom to give a feeling of unity and how to stop a third person entering the relationship and causing trouble.