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The Harmony in Feng Shui

The placement of such items as furniture, ornaments, works of art, mirrors and decorations in your home can, if done with care and attention to the principles of fengshui, have a lasting effect on the psyche of the inhabitants and visitors.
There is plenty of evidence, both anecdotal, and as a result of proper scientific research, that being in certain natural settings, or surrounded by certain combinations of natural features has a marked stress-reducing effect on people.
Water, for instance, brings on a wide range of positive responses from most people. Generally, we associate harmony, relaxation and peacefulness with natural settings. Having a water feature appropriately placed will simulate the most pleasant of natural settings. A variety of researchers have tracked the behavioural responses of humans to water and concluded that the motion of water in fountains has the same “hypnotic attraction“ as a waterfall.
Landscape features, whether real or simulated, or as works of art, such as boulders, mountains and rock outcroppings, when located at a person’s back offer natural protection against threats from behind.
The greatest challenge the modern Fengshui practitioner will face is in adapting the ancient natural science of ‘Feng Shui’ from the Orient and its roots in a different culture, and fusing it with that culture we have inherited from our own ancestors.
All people use creativity and intuition, and the implementation of Feng Shui principles is meant to work in with the 'feelings' the occupier of a space has for that space.
Commitment to the natural science of Feng Shui to optimize your environment is never meant to clash with the teachings of the prophets or philosophers of any culture.  Yet the application of Feng Shui in the right spirit may easily stand alone to bring the individual peace, happiness, and fulfilment.
Authentic Feng Shui is not allied with Buddhism or any other religious belief and it is not a superstition. It is an ancient natural science.
The application of authentic Feng Shui brings about an unlocking of the mysteries of the natural universe, and is very powerful.
Jeanette has extensive knowledge and  experience of finding Solutions to imbalance in your environment through the application of Feng Shui.
Let Jeanette show you how to carry  out the changes which will make all the difference to your home or business.